Aluminum Automatic Energy Conductive Busbars

Flat Busbar include copper busbar or aluminum busbar. It is solid and have smooth plated or bare surface. It can also be claded with heat shrink tube, insulated powder or dipping PVC. It is used in powder charger, machines and equipments.

1. Shaped aluminum busbar is made of aluminum material, which has advantage of lightness and suitable to be used in vehicles to reduce the weight of cars, forklift and so on.

  • Material: Aluminum

2. The surface of Shaped busbar can be bare or plated with tin to protect aluminum busbar from oxidation or creating aerugo. Other plating like nickel or sliver is also acceptable as customer requirments. Clean and free-from-burr holes make sure good contact of bolts and busbars.

  • Insulation Options: √ Heat shrink tube     √ PVC dipping coat     √ Expoy powder
  • Plating Options: √ Tin Plating    √ Nickel Plating     √ Sliver Plating

3. Shaped busbar is cut with electrical wiring cut from whole aluminum plate or cut from available aluminum bars if the width and thickness is normal. It is bended with bending machine and have precised angle and sizes.

  • End Shape: √ Semicircle     √ Round Corner    √ Spuare Corner
  • Insulation Options: √ Heat shrink tube   √ PVC dipping coat    √ Epoxy powder

1. Improve equipments properity

Copper busbar can reduce the resistance and lower consumption. Copper busbar is capable of steady current carrying capacity and voltage-sharing.

2. Easy to install, examine and maintain

Copper busbar can be installed with simple tools. Anyone can use it with bolts, nut and screwdriver. The workers examine the property with tester.

3. Reduce cost

Copper busbar increase the serve-life of machines and equipments. Good quality T2 copper material can lower the temperature raise and loss of equipments parts.

We are specialized in copper and aluminium busbar that is applied in battery, energy storage system & electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles like hybrid battery car, electric golf car, electric logistic vehicle, electric bus, high-speed rail, electric forklift etc.

We supply directly to many battery pack companies and energy storage companies like solar energy household storage projects in UK, Americal, Australia etc. offering solutions for their battery connecting. They use both flexible and solid copper busbar to meet different design and application requirments.